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Succeed With Energy Management in Smart, Efficient Buildings

Peter Kelly-Detwiler: Minimize Energy Risks, Maximize Profits With Smart Technologies And Business Decisions

November 7, 2013 by Lin Alder

Want to minimize exposure to market volatilities through smart facility operation decisions? How about optimizing the connection of your most expensive assets to the grid? Need tips to manage multiple vendors who don’t necessarily play well together?


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Peter Kelly-Detwiler can help. He draws from 24 years in the energy industry and brings expertise in retail competitive markets, new technologies and sustainable solutions. He also regularly contributes to Forbes.com about the forces and innovations that shape our energy future.

Show Notes

About Peter Kelly-Detwiler

peter-kelly-detwiler Peter is a Partner at Northbridge Energy Partners, LLC in Massachusetts. He’s spends nearly every waking hour investigating rapidly advancing trends in technology, Machine to Machine (M2M), sensors, data and renewable technologies. Earlier in this career, Peter assembled and led an Operations group that supported growth in Constellation Energy’s New England region from 0 to 30,000 accounts and nearly $4 billion in revenue. He created the Demand Response organization and grew business to 800 MW of dispatchable capability (2006 – 2011). Peter also led the team that developed and patented VirtuWatt, the industry-leading real-time energy use and automated load control platform.

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