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Succeed With Energy Management in Smart, Efficient Buildings

Heath Jones: How NOT To Save A Healthcare Group $2.7 Million In Energy Costs Each Year

There are right and wrong ways to achieve energy savings across large healthcare enterprises. Today's guest says he's learned two wrong ways: 1) Try doing it yourself 2) Don't trust your suppliers By the … [Continue reading]

John Petze: How To Decide If Energy Analytics Is Right For Your Building(s)

Energy Analytics is the biggest buzzword in the building industry since Building Automation Systems. This interview will help you decide if it's right for your situation. Today’s guest says Energy … [Continue reading]

Jacob Cain: How To Internally Fund And Execute A $9 Million Energy Efficiency Upgrade

How do you get funding for your rock solid $9 million list of energy management upgrades? You convince your organization to invest the funds out of its own pocket along with grants and incentives, of … [Continue reading]

Curtis Clark: How To Design A 320,000 Square Foot Net Zero Building With 24/7 Occupancy

What does it take to design a Public Safety Building that not only produces as much energy as it consumes but will also be fully functional after a 7.5 Richter Scale earthquake? Today’s guest is a seasoned … [Continue reading]

Who Is This Site For…And What’s Here?

Who is this website for? Passionate, ambitious and successful professionals who fit one of these descriptions: I know the Old School way of energy management and I want to transfer to the New School This site provides the smarts you need to … [Continue reading]

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