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Succeed With Energy Management in Smart, Efficient Buildings


The Energy and Facility Management world is drowning in data, technology and gizmos. Building Professionals don’t have enough time to vet every option.

Building Professionals deserve reliable, summarized information, in plain english and free of proprietary bias to quickly navigate the flood and move forward.

Efficiency Launch Pad exists to give Building Professionals what they need to confidently make big decisions about:

  • Information technologies
  • Building controls
  • Security/access systems
  • ‘Big Data’ analytics
  • Funding projects and processes
  • Implementation and management of projects and processes

Better information means:

  • Decisions that persist
  • Improved operations
  • Expedited energy savings
  • Smoother adoption of appropriate technologies and techniques
  • Avoided project implementation and management issues

Building professionals also deserve a chance to share their success stories, grow their reputations and inspire others in the industry.

Online platforms are faster and less expensive than annual conferences and let busy professionals stay closer to their facilities.

That said, online interaction supplements rather than replaces, face time.

We aim to fill the gap between blog posts that aren’t ‘meaty’ enough and textbooks that aren’t timely enough.

Sponsors are a necessary ingredient of online businesses that last.

We engage in regular dialogue with leaders in the vendor community who are a critical part of making Smart, Efficient buildings succeed.

Legitimate vendors deserve a fair hearing, but their claims needs to stand the test of practical, skeptical and independent analysis.

We fiercely guard our independence so we will continually earn the trust of our members and the industry.

Who We Are...

Efficiency Launch Pad is a hub for facility professionals who find themselves at the exciting (and complex) intersection of...

  • energy management
  • facility operations
  • information technology and
  • building design

Efficiency Launch Pad is a source of independent research and inspiration…

Where ambitious professionals learn from experienced mentors and reliable news sources,

To create big, positive, lasting changes that benefit people, planet and profits.

The Mission of Efficiency Launch Pad is to:

1) Introduce you to doers, thinkers and success stories so compelling that you can’t help but be inspired to overcome daunting challenges and turn your ambition into big, persistent energy savings.

2) Infect you with passion for greater success in business and project management, then help you build that success.

3) Bridge the gap between those that have achieved and those that will achieve to leverage mentors’ past success and multiply the benefit of lessons learned.

4) Make ‘energy nerd’ a term of endearment and badge of honor. And have lots of fun making the world a better place.

I’m Lin Alder, the founder of Efficiency Launch Pad. My experience is drawn from the energy ‘trenches’ as:

Permitting Manager: commercial wind power development firm; Division Director: wind and solar design/construction firm; and Marketing Director: energy efficiency engineering consulting firm.

Before energy, my career path included eight years as a writer and photographer for publications including The New York Times and National Geographic Adventure and corporate giants like Morgan Stanley and Patagonia.

I was lucky to have editors as mentors. They taught me how to choose compelling topics, write to my audience and be succinct. Efficiency Launch Pad is one way I’m repaying the favors of mentors past.

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