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Jim Sinopoli: How Smart Buildings Are Different Than Green Buildings

October 7, 2013 by Lin Alder

This session is about understanding the similarities and differences between Green Buildings and Smart Buildings and why it matters.

It’s not that Green Buildings aren’t ‘Smart’ or that Smart Buildings aren’t ‘Green.’ The point is that they’re different.


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We explore how building professionals like you (plus the owners and occupants of your buildings) can benefit from a clearly defined kind of ‘Smart’ that applies to new and existing buildings.

Today’s expert, Jim Sinopoli, is an award winning design engineer on the forefront of the Smart Building space on a global scale from Seattle to Saudia Arabia. He is authoring a series of articles that define Smart Buildings and recommend how to integrate all key elements necessary to achieve the title.

Jim’s work, in partnership with the Smart Buildings Institute and other industry experts, is laying the groundwork for formal Smart Building designations and design professional credentialing.

Show Notes

About Jim Sinopoli, P.E.

jim-sinopoliJim is the Austin, Texas-based Managing Principal of Smart Buildings, an engineering and design firm that works with owners to develop solutions, technologies and strategies to create sustainable buildings that are operationally and energy efficient.

The firms’ numerous awards including the “Harry J. Pfister” award from the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) and the Smart Building Company of the Year from The New Economy. Jim is a 2012 winner of the Digital Impact Award.

Jim’s pioneering approach to designing Smart Buildings incorporates an innovative amount of system integration.

As outlined in Jim’s first four articles defining a Smart Building, his approach integrates cabling infrastructure, lighting control systems, facility management tools, system integration, Audio/Visual, water, networks and security, fire alarm and occupant satisfaction, electrical, metering, and video surveillance systems.

Raw Transcript

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