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Succeed With Energy Management in Smart, Efficient Buildings

Deb Noller: Australia’s Cloud-Based Energy Software Experience Can Help U.S. Businesses

September 10, 2013 by Lin Alder

This session is about helping building owners and managers make sense of the cloud-based energy management software market.

The session is led by Deb Noller, the CEO of Switch Automation and a native Australian. She had a front row seat as the Australian government mandated the NABERS energy rating system for commercial buildings.


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When the mandate kicked in, demand for energy efficiency hardware and software solutions spawned a significant market expansion. In some ways, Australia pulled ahead of America.

Deb’s Trans-Pacific perspective is worth listening to as she shares practical advice about what America can learn from Australia.

About Deb Noller

deb-noller Deb began her career in the building automation industry in 2002. She now leads Switch Automation from Los Angeles. Deb and the firm provide three types of services to building owners and managers:

1) understanding of their buildings through meaningful building performance information

2) implementation strategies to reduce energy and resource consumption

3) involvement and empowerment of all building occupants and visitors to engage in solutions

Raw Transcript

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