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Brian Chemel: Is Next Generation Commercial LED Lighting Right For You?

September 25, 2013 by Lin Alder

The next generation of commercial LED lighting fixtures do much more than provide light. They communicate with other lighting fixtures and a data network while they sense (and can track) the presence, absence, direction and number of moving objects in a space.


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The potential uses for this new technology are just starting to be tapped. Warehouse managers are learning where and when time consuming forklift traffic jams occur. Retail operators are discovering which aisles get the most traffic. And lighting energy levels are being controlled more efficiently than ever before.

Brian Chemel is at the bleeding edge of next generation lighting as co-founder of Digital Lumens. This interview gives you the smarts needed to help figure out if the technology is right for your buildings now.

Technical note: The video shows only a still frame through the entire interview due to a technical glitch.

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About Brian Chemel

brian-chemelBrian is Founder and CTO of Digital Lumens, a market-leading manufacturer of LED light fixtures with built-in intelligence to drive radical energy efficiency and provide a platform for distributed building intelligence.

He is an Engineer and team leader with an extensive history of turning innovation into customer-focused products. He holds eight US Patents with 13 additional published applications.

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