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Succeed With Energy Management in Smart, Efficient Buildings

Peter Kelly-Detwiler: Minimize Energy Risks, Maximize Profits With Smart Technologies And Business Decisions

Want to minimize exposure to market volatilities through smart facility operation decisions? How about optimizing the connection of your most expensive assets to the grid? Need tips to manage multiple vendors who don’t necessarily play well together? [Continue reading]

Jim Sinopoli: How Smart Buildings Are Different Than Green Buildings

This session is about understanding the similarities and differences between Green Buildings and Smart Buildings and why it matters. It's not that Green Buildings aren't 'Smart' or that Smart Buildings aren't … [Continue reading]

Brian Chemel: Is Next Generation Commercial LED Lighting Right For You?

The next generation of commercial LED lighting fixtures do much more than provide light. They communicate with other lighting fixtures and a data network while they sense (and can track) the presence, absence, … [Continue reading]

Clayton Mitchell: Reduced Kaiser Permanente’s Colorado Electric Bill By 3% In Nine Months

What does it take to reduce the annual electric bill for a 3 million square foot portfolio by 3% in less than one year? This interview with Clayton "Mitch" Mitchell is loaded with practical advice from the … [Continue reading]

Deb Noller: Australia’s Cloud-Based Energy Software Experience Can Help U.S. Businesses

This session is about helping building owners and managers make sense of the cloud-based energy management software market. The session is led by Deb Noller, the CEO of Switch Automation and a native … [Continue reading]

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